No sé si es por el alcohol 
o es que he oído esa canción
 que me obliga, 
cada vez que suena, 
a recordarte. 


Y aquí es cuando tus ojos me dejan desarmada,
rompiendo en mil trocitos mi parte más sensata
Se cae mi teoría convertida en un montón de palabras ...
Tú sigues siendo el recuerdo aquel que una vez
bailó conmigo un rato y se fue.


Tell me what you think I'm one of your kind.
You know a girl like me is difficult to find.
I bet you've never seen nothing like this before. 

Love Photography Graphics

Love Photography Graphics
Tell me all your wishes I am here to make them true, 
don't wonder...
You don't have to rub a lamp 'cause I'll take care of you 
- Passengers with destination TO HELL .

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love it.
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Hope you'll miss me, and someday you're gonna see 
that I put my trust in you but you turned you back to me.

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You are exactly like a politician
Need everyone's approval just 
to see if you are doing right.

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But when you learn your lesson, come like a prodigal son. 
Read the big sign at the airport "BIENVENUE FROM HELL, mon amour"

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'Cause I'm fragile and you broke my heart in two,
But you just smile, like it's all the same to you, to you... 

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Where are all the men in this town? 
And what’s a girl supposed to do?
Did they all run off when they knew that I was coming round, 
coming round?
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Is there a prince in this fable for a small town girl like me?